Reflections on Self-love

It is a Thursday night, my eyes are swollen from crying. If you ask me, it's because I had just watched a drama on Netflix, but really I cried all afternoon because of pent up emotions, stress, and body image issues. I should have gone to see a therapist a year ago, but I didn't, [...]

TMG on: Skin Genie Healthy Sunscreen Lotion

I am on the fair skin spectrum of Filipinas. Admittedly, I hardly get any sun exposure. I’m either at work or hiding from the heat. The heat has just become too unbearable that I have stopped jogging outdoors altogether. Nowadays, I can only tolerate the sun when I’m on the beach, submerged in seawater. Skin [...]

TMG on Rraw Jelly Highlighter

Let’s talk highlighter. Highlighters are my favorite part of make-up right now. I love looking like I have dewy skin although in reality my skin is as dry as the Sahara. I have three different types of highlighter. The newest one is this jelly highlighter from Rraw. Rraw Jelly Highlighter Before Rraw released jelly highlighters, [...]

Towards a Sustainable Lifestyle

The Amazonia has been burning for weeks now. What’s more troubling is the fact that it was set on fire on purpose just so the land can be turned into pastures for cattle. It is absolutely ridiculous and vile. It wasn’t even so long ago that scientists warned that we must reduce carbon emissions as [...]

TMG tries a new toner!

The main reason I started this blog is because I’m always itching to try new things. Even with the sensitive skin I have, I am quite adventurous with my skin care. So even though I’m completely satisfied with V&M Naturals Rose water + Aloe toner, I decided to give the Zero Basics Face Toner a [...]

TMG on: Organic Tita Make Up Remover Balm

I'm back with a new make-up remover! This one is different from Snoe's Milk make-up remover. This one is made with oil, so it's similar to the popular oil make-up removers. I had no doubt that it would work well at removing make-up, but I did have some hesitation about it being a balm. Organic [...]

TMG on: Lauren & Co. Bare Skin Facial Sun Mist

If you read my post about my not-so-recent beach trip, you have probably seen this product mentioned there. This is probably the main reason I did not get sunburned during those 3 days. This is a big deal for me, really, because I get sunburned easily. Or, if not sunburned, my face gets irritated from [...]

TMG on: V&M Naturals Happy Pores Rosewater + Aloe Soothing Toner

It took a while before I got on the toner bandwagon. It’s a healthy bandwagon to get into, I’d like to think, since toners actually tone your skin and preps it to absorb the serums and moisturizers to follow. It’s a good investment, and not a cheap one, too. The real reason it took me [...]

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